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Dash Oil Changes at Kiln

Dash is a mobile oil change services throughout the greater Wasatch Front.

We’ve teamed up with Kiln to offer mobile oil changes to all Kiln members at a discounted price.

Schedule your mobile oil change. Book online, carry on your routine at Kiln, we then come change your oil while you work.


Gas - $74

Full Synthetic Oil

 New Full Synthetic oil
 New oil filter
 Washer fluid top off
 Multi-point inspection
 Recommended oil change frequency: 5,000-7,500 Miles

Diesel - $120

Full Synthetic Oil

 New Full Synthetic oil
 New oil filter
 Washer fluid top off
 Multi-point inspection
 Recommended oil change frequency: 5,000-7,500 Miles

Additional Services

Air Filter $19

Keep your engine breathing clean air

Cabin Air Filter $45

Filters the air in the interior of a car

Wiper Replacement $19

Keep a streak-free windshield


How do I schedule?

Schedule your Dash oil change at the Kiln office(s) by clicking your location below. We look forward to meeting you. 

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully covered with liability and garage keepers insurance, which covers your vehicle while we work on it.

How long does an oil change take?

Our oil changes take about 30 minutes per vehicle. That time can vary for certain types of vehicles.

Is this offered at every Kiln location?

This is offered at Kiln Lehi and Salt Lake Kiln locations, with plans to offer it to Park City soon. 

Is pricing discounted for Kiln members?

Yes! We have a special price list for Kiln members. 

After I schedule my time, what next?

You’ll put in your vehicle info and personal info, then we’ll give you an approximate time. You then run down your keys to the tech. You’ll be asked to park in a certain spot depending on your location. 

Reviews of Dash

I may start to enjoy car maintenance again. Didn’t have to pack up the kids and sit in a mechanic shop or dealership for an hour.


This service is so awesome! I absolutely hate waiting at a shop for an oil change. Dash arrived on time and finished within 25 minutes…


He did a great job on my car, definitely understood why I didn’t want to wait a hour or 2 with my kids in a shop. Was very fast as well, I’m definitely calling for my oil changes


We love working with Dash for all of our oil change needs. As a busy plumbing company it is hard to take equipment out of the field or have the guys use their time off to change the oil.


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